New Shoes

     Just before the end of the winter break, I bought a pare of shoes or dancing! Actually I ordered it for my Christmas present but it took ages to come to my house. On 6th of January, it finally arrived at my house and I opened it! It is so cool and tomorrow is the day I can wear the shoes fot HIP HOP class! I cannot wait to wear them! To be honest, since I started going to my studio, my life completely changed. This is the first time for me to find something I can work harder than anything. My family or some teachers think I am a little clazy dancing but it is ok because it is my choice. I will continue dancing while i will be in the U.S. and I hope it will be my hobby for ever.


Going Back to My Hometown

     Since December 30th, I had been going back to Fukushima. There, my father, mother, sister, her two kids, her husband, brother, his wife and many friends were waiting for me. In my house in Hyogo, I am the only person living in my house, and it is so lonly, but in Fukushima therre are too many people in one house and sometimes it even makes me annoyed. It is happy thing actually. Fukushima is now not same as the time after the disaster. There are more people there, and the number of the news about radiation is decreasing. I do not think Fukushima is safe place to live but I am happy to invite people from other area to enjoy coming here. This time, I met my old friends and talked about future and hobbies. My friend Shoko is going to Australia to learn English. She got influenced by me a lot like she did to me. I hope I can meet her in two years and share the experiences in both countries.

Dancing Performance

     Just the begining of the winter break, I had the dancing performance. SInce last september, I have been practicing everyday to perform in front of 3oo people in the hall. I started dancing a few months ago, but my teacher put me at the center position. It made me work harder. Once, I felt a little sorry because there are some students who started going to the studio much earlier than me. When I talked about this with my teacher, she said “You do not have to think about it becasue I was the person who recommended you to be at the center.” Thanks for her works, I could perform with my all energy. It was a great experience before going to the U.S. and I am sure I will find a way to continue dancing there.

New year

“Happy New Year” all of my family members said with big smiles. On December 30th, I returned home in Fukushima. On January 1st, I got some money and Nengajo from my old friends and teachers. To reply, I wrote my Nengajo with what I am going to do this year. There, I wrote I am going to Eastern Washington University to get the dual degree, and it will take two years. For others it seems great chance to improve my ability but for me it is a little scary. There is excitement of course but to be alone in another country is challenging. Actually I have not thought clearly about my future, so in this program, I hope I can make my future vision clear and come back with big smile.

How to show your affection for “your” country

This blog style is such an awesome way to share our pinion! I like it, by the way. About the topic, I strongly agree with Yurika. In Japan, we hardly see the fight between citizen and the government. We do not fight like countries in Middle East because the way to complain is different. As the technology gets better, we started using the internet! On it, there are some page to criticize the government. Mm by the way, what is “your country”? What is Japan? Where is the border? It is strange to say this but I do not think only Japan is my country. The earth is my place. The earth is the place I live. That’s all, isn’t it? Why do people think separately about life or people? We are all human! We are on the same planet! We love the earth! That’s all!!!

My image of “Japan”

Dear Yurika,
Oh yes. Like you said, this world is the planet where many cultures are mixed because the borders between countries were drawn by human beings. Human likes to make line. Why is that? I am happy to be your partner this week. I want to talk about this question which does not have any answer with you soon:)


Though studying the topic about “Japan”, my image of Japan changed a little. I thought “Japan” is one country and it has its  own culture and people living in Japan do the same all the time. But thinking about Okinawa, thinking about Hokkaido, I noticed many differences and those differences are existing now in Japan. The taste of food, language (diarect), music, thinking, even if many people live in the same land, many things are different. How can I define what Japan is, what Japanese is? There are no right answers that describe “Japan” completely. And the “thing” like culture, language, etc. are not eternal but they are fluidMy image of “Japan” is now like this: one land where many culture are mixed, one land that many people live in and have many different cultural background, and one land called “Japan”.

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How Funny My Thinking Was

Japanese people are polite, modest and shy. it was the definition of Japanese people before taking Nat’s class with no doubt. It is because I did know about academic writing. After taking his class, everything I wrote before seemed shameful, but at the same time it gave me a good shock for my life. From next March, I am going to the university in the US to get degree, and the academic writing skill is needed. And also as a Japanese person, I need to know what Japaneseness is. Are Japanese people all polite? No. The answer is “it depends on each person.” Nat’s class made me think deeply about this planet, and the way to think about life. I should not have any prejudice toward people around me, and I should just talk before thinking about the image of the person. I was really lucky to know about these thoughts before my going to the US.